Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update -Creativity on a Tuesday

I haven't updated in a while. Been busy here & there this week. Finally yesterday a burst of creativity. A great way to showcase my favorite photographs, instead of putting them all in frames and putting holes in my wall...I attached two pins at the top of the wall, tied a string to each, and hung these small pearl strings hanging down from the top string. Then just taped each photo to the back of the string..pattern black & white than a colour photograph.

Hangs nicely above my bed

Also bought a pair of used boots from my favorite place in the whole world: vaule village.
Took off the silver belt (too boring) and sewing on different glass beads..almost done

Re doing a dream car : Poniac GTO '67..adding more detail and re doing the background

And finally, the second final tattoo design. This will be placed on my right arm (no colour just shading, and 19 petals representing my age that I had it done) I tend to draw these roses a lot, and think it's just a beautiful simple tattoo.

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