Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bird is the word Mugs - Commision

I did one of these for Mr. Groulx last summer at The Mud Oven where I was taking co- op.
If anyone wants one, just email me
I can do anykind of colors you'd like - but this is the basic outline (large yellow cartoon bird with a large bubble caption in bold outlined letters ' the bird is the word' with a kind of sponge detail background around the whole mug (including the inside) I can put your name on the mug/ bottom or top if you'd like or who it's for. It takes about a few hours to do the details/ and 4 days max. before I can pick it up from the kiln.

I am charging 30$ for these one of kind mugs. Let me know if you want a bird along with your morning coffee

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