Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Still life study bliss

Still life study about 5 hours so far ...
schools been keeping me busy. lots of coffee. 2-3 cups. i need to stay awake! or get better sleep. nocturnal curse! I started burning incense again...smells so good...relaxing
here is a study wip of still life (18x24 watercolor 140 lb paper by canson usuing 8b pencil, charcoal and willow vine)
thanks for looking
- Cat

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Night sketches...art school...inks

Sep 9th
Snaps from drawing tonight. Rough sketch with my mech. pencil and then micron pens and pitt pens. Usuing my acrylic inks after ! Did some other artwork tonight check it out on my instagram : cat_hennessey

So I started art school Tuesday. I hatttte that i have to wake up so early now a days but its better to get STUFF done. I have classes 3 days a week first thing in the morning. means I gotta drag my lazy ass out at 645 usually or 7 am if I really don't feel like putting on makeup bleh. We did perspective exercises which I mean don't honestly interest me but they will help me in time! I am ready to take on all the BORING stuff in order to be a better artist hehe..I made chai tea tonight and drew, cleaned and listening to daniel tompkins/mogwai/courage my love..
I can't wait for payday...I had 15 cents left today. starving artist? more like artist without coffee and that's rather dangerous.

I haven't written blogs in ages, maybe since my livejournal days as a teen....wish me the best!
- Cat

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Monday, September 8, 2014


Drawing on a sunday afternoon. Used my faber castell pit pens and bombay acrylic inks! Did a quick ink illustration of my friend Joelle and her dog? for her birthday. I've been so in love with acrylic inks how much they layer and the opaque look to them. I think they are a medium for me!
I've been pretty horrible at updating this blog but I think it's time to write some little notes and post more photography of my work. I will be starting art school soon, so stoked!

There's a video of this here:

- Cat