Thursday, September 11, 2014

Night school...inks

Sep 9th
Snaps from drawing tonight. Rough sketch with my mech. pencil and then micron pens and pitt pens. Usuing my acrylic inks after ! Did some other artwork tonight check it out on my instagram : cat_hennessey

So I started art school Tuesday. I hatttte that i have to wake up so early now a days but its better to get STUFF done. I have classes 3 days a week first thing in the morning. means I gotta drag my lazy ass out at 645 usually or 7 am if I really don't feel like putting on makeup bleh. We did perspective exercises which I mean don't honestly interest me but they will help me in time! I am ready to take on all the BORING stuff in order to be a better artist hehe..I made chai tea tonight and drew, cleaned and listening to daniel tompkins/mogwai/courage my love..
I can't wait for payday...I had 15 cents left today. starving artist? more like artist without coffee and that's rather dangerous.

I haven't written blogs in ages, maybe since my livejournal days as a teen....wish me the best!
- Cat

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