Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 12

Hello dahlings! Well it's been a tough ride getting new work out there. Currently I am a starving artist, but hey I love what I do even if it means not being able to afford Stella Artois like I used to (I settle for bud). I cannot wait until spring!

1. I turn 21!
2. I love cool weather, everything smells fresh and it means summer is close.
3. Patios!
4. Dressing up. Because when it's cold, you just want to wear jeans and a sweater and thats it. Sunglasses!
5. Travel - hopefully heavy mtl this summer!

As for photoshoots, I'm getting ready to shoot some models I worked with before and can't wait. Trying to make my photos more and more abstract, a little less 'posed' and more free and really getting emotions and expressions into them..

All for now
- C

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