Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And this is me...

Salut /Hello
Had a journal/blog quite some time ago but starting over, this is a set up for displaying my photographs, artwork and other projects until I get a domain set up for a professional website.

Just so you know...

Who is Caitlin?
High spirited lady with a passion for design and painting and drawing 'explosionism - combustion'. Also photographer and time to time model. I prefer drawing over anything, if I have a black pen and a pad of paper I'm good to go. To me art is very important, in my eyes it's a place where I can go anytime of the day and express my thoughts or ideas. I have always found solace when I take time to draw or paint or design. Through a variety of artistic phases in my life, I have experience new ideas and styles with my work. I know that visual talent must be renember through each and every day as much as possible. I practice as much as I can, drawing even on long bus routes and car travels. I make use of my time by doing this. I believe practice makes an artist improved, along with courses and workshops. I plan to go to Alqonquin in a year or two for photography or fine arts classes, but now I am simply enjoying life and learning as much as possible from the world around me. I am nineteen, I may be young, but I feel that has no factor in my passion for art and what I want to do with it. I understand I have lots to experience, and that my work can be improved over time. Like many artists, they had to imrove their work over time with courses and also experiences in their lives. I don't know where I will be in five or ten years, but I know I will continue this passion for art as long as I walk down this road.

My Style?
While I prefer pen and ink drawing than other mediums, I still engage in sculpture, painting, design (clothing or labels) and graphic arts. I enjoy working with pen over pencil because it allows more sharper images and can be photographed/scanned for computer program coloring. I often go into great detail with my work, I have used cross sketching for many years and find it's a better method of shading depending on texture or depth of shadow. As for subject, I love nature, trees, florals, skies, people, especially women. I am a fan of the vargas style pin up girls and often encoporate these styles into my drawings or photography. With photography I have had always had an interest in capturing images, purchasing hundreds of disposable kodaks when I was young, and going every week to the pharmacy to get them developed. I eventually started getting into digital photography a t fifteen, and practiced different styles and techniques. I was then taking a few digital photography workshops to understand better the technqiue of these cameras. For me, I do enjoy taking lots of pictures at parties or events, but I always want to make the best out of them. I now own a gorgeous Canon Rebel Ti/55-35 mm lens and can't wait to start getting more equipment for my work.

Anything else?
I make a business out of something I enjoy and have a passion for. I have been doing this since I was about twelve with a publication of a short comic book production for the Thyroid Foundation (Ottawa Chapter). I have done many portraits, paintings based on commisions. I tend to do ink portraits for friends and family. I have done many photoshoots for friends and modeling portfolios, I am avaliable to do : portraits of families, couples, pets, children (also large paintings) model photography, weddings, family portraits. Ask me about other projects as well


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